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Quality Fishing on Beautiful Cayuga Lake, New York

The "Inevitable" Our new charter boat. She is a 1991 North Coast Blackfin, 31 foot in length with a 12 ft beam. She is powered by twin 350 hp Crusader engines. Plenty of amenities like a generator with air conditioning, radar, frig ... We have increased the cockpit room by 50%, and will have outriggers to increase the number of lines we can run. The trolling engine will also be added, and a hydraulic ram will control the trolling engine or the main rudders. Steering will be much much better!

Eagle Rock Charters

"The Finger Lakes region of New York State is nature's gift to mankind" This quote best describes our feelings for the area, and our attitude toward our charters. Indian legends say that the Great Spirit placed the imprint of his hand in blessing on this unique part of the world. Thus, besides the beautiful lakes, the land is bestowed with magnificent gorges, romantic glens, gentle waterfalls, beautiful farms and wineries, yet dotted with some of the most successful cities in America. It is an area steeped in history and legends, gentle and romantic, quiet and peaceful, begging to be observed yet yearning for solitude that only nature can inspire. Recent Media Coverage .....

Eagle Rock Charters

An Eagle Rock Charter is a great way to teach your family about fishing or entertain your clients. Your captain has spent the last 25 years as a full time fishing guide, and pro staffer for Cortland Line & Diamond back Rods. During this time he has set three line class world records and became a member of the prestigious 5 to 1 club (5 pounds of fish to every one pound test line). Glenn's wood handled custom rods match you with ultimate in light tackle sport fishing.

Our season runs year round. Fishing on Cayuga lake from April through November and on the Salmon River, from our drift boat, from September through April.

8 Great Reasons To Choose EAGLE ROCK CHARTERS

  1. Full-time charter service. We spend 1500 hours a year on the water.
  2. Very short running times to fishing grounds.
  3. Cleaning and packaging of your catch included.
  4. All gear and tackle provided including custom made noodle rods from Diamondback, St. Croix and G. Loomis.
  5. Field tester for Cortland Line.
  6. 27 ft. charter boat with hard top and private bathroom.
  7. Pollution free waters; no lost days from wind.
  8. 4 stroke trolling engine, which eliminates all fumes and noise.


Glenn Quick : 5591 State Route 90 North : Cayuga, NY 13034 :
E-mail gquick@rochester.rr.com
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