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Custom Built Rods from Eagle Rock

FishingAfter 25 years of guiding and using the lightest tackle possible it was necessary to build my own rods. Setting line class IGFA world records and being a member of the prestigious 5 to 1 club; I've learned that the most important component is the rod. In 2002 I helped develop the 13.5 Diamond back float rod. Now available from Cortland Line Company. (Click image for larger view)

Our rods from tip to butt are built to last a lifetime, Loomis, Diamondback & Cedar back there rods with a lifetime warranty. We grind, taper, use more guides; and spine the blanks to maximize the rods power.

Rods from Eagle Rock make battling the fish of a lifetime a reality!


9.5 ft. Loomis 1141GL3 $275.00

9.5 ft. Loomis 1143GL3 $275.00

13.5 ft. Diamondback float rod $400.00

10 ft. Cedar $225.00

13 ft. Cedar $400.00

Dipsey Diver Rods

9 ft. Loomis $200.00

9.5 ft. St. Croix $250.00

10.5 ft. Loomis $275.00

Starting in 2008 we will offer wood handled rods. These rods offer the ultimate in sensitivity and looks. Wood handled rods add $100.00 per rod.

Good Fishing
Glenn Quick
5591 State Route 90 North
Cayuga, NY 13034


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